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Arne Lygre

Arne Lygre



Arne Lygre have been writing since he was 25 years old. He made his debut in 1998 with the play «Mother and Me and Men». Since then he has written four other plays. They are staged and published in countries throughout Europe. One of the latest, «Man Without Purpose», will be staged and directed by Claude Régy at Odeon Theatre in Paris in 2007/2008, and thereafter tour in Belgium, Switzerland and Canada.

He wrote his first short stories collection in 2004, «In Time», for which he got the prestigious Brage Award. In 2006 he published the novel «A Last Face», which was very well received by the critics.






(Translation in progress in French)

Planning first production at a theatre in Norway
in 2008.



(Translations in French, German and English.)

First production by National Theatre/Torshovteatret
in Oslo, Norway, in 2005. Regi: Alexander Mørk-Eidem.
Production by Theatre Am Neumarkt (Mann ohne Aussichten) in Zürich, Switzerland, in 2006.
Regi: Marc von Henning.

Production by Odeon Theatre de l’Europe (Homme sans but) in Paris, France, in 2007/2008. Regi: Claude Régy.

Production by Avenida Paulista Theater (Homem sem rumo) in Sao Paolo, Brasil, in 2007. Regi: Roberto Alvim 

Printed by Aschehoug Publishing House
in Norwegian (2005).

Printed by L’Arche
in French: “Homme sans but”, translated by Terje Sinding (2007)



(Translations in German, Swedish and Hungarian.)

First production by Det Norske Teater
in Oslo, Norway, in 2006. Regi: Ola B. Johannessen.

Printed by Aschehoug Publishing House
in Norwegian (2005).

Nominated for The Ibsen Award 2007 for best play.



(Translations in German, English and Serbian.)

First production by National Theatre
in Oslo, Norway, in 2000. Regi: Catrine Telle.

Production by Vanalinnastudio (Kähku igavikku)
in Tallinn, Estonia, in 2000/2001. Regi: Roman Baskin.

Production by Staatschauspielhaus (Ewig Leben)  
in Dresden, Germany, in 2003. Regi: Stefan Nolte.

Printed by Aschehoug Publishing House
in Norwegian (1999).
Printed by Stubovi kulture
in Serbian: “Iznenada vecni”, translated by Olga Dordilovic (2003).



(Translations in French, German and English)

First production by Rogaland Theatre
in Stavanger, Norway, in 1998. Regi: Ingrid Forthun.

Adapted for television by
Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation in 1999.

Production by Masken Theatre (Mor og mig og mænd)
in Nykøping-Falster, Denmark, in 2000.
Regi: Mikkel Hede.

Production by Addition Théâtre (Maman et moi et les hommes) in Le Mans, France, in 2006/2007.
Regi: Francois Chevallier

Production by Badisches Staatstheater (Mama und Ich und Männer) in Karlsruhe, Germany, in 2007/2008. Regi: Thomas Krupa

Printed by Aschehoug Publishing House
in Norwegian. (1998).

Printed by Les Solitaires Intempestifs
in French: “Maman et moi et les hommes”, translated by Terje Sinding (2000).








A LAST FACE (novel, 2006)
(Extracts translated in French and English)
Printed by Aschehoug Publishing House
in Norwegian (2006).

Nominated for Norwegian Broadcasting Corporations Award for best novel 2006.



IN TIME (short stories, 2004)
(Extracts translated in German and English)

Printed by Aschehoug Publishing House
in Norwegian (2004).

Awarded The Brage Award for best short stories collection in 2004.

Nominated for Klassekampens Book Award for best fiction 2004.





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